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Fontem was born from my desire to create exquisite, tailor-made bags, each one unique and precious to its owner. More and more today, a sense of longing exists for the ‘Old World’ and the timeless craftsmanship it represents. It was an era in which life moved a bit more slowly, materials were of the highest quality, and artisans held themselves up to uncompromising standards to create items of true art and classic beauty.


Drawing inspiration from those former masters, I slow down the clock here, pouring undivided attention and a passion for perfection into each Fontem purse… bringing together old and new… uniting fine leather craftsmanship with the written word… and fusing the world of fashion and design with the celebration of each individual’s uniqueness…

Sentimental Gifts to Cherish Forever

The bags in the collection are named for incredible women writers, whose words have inspired generations. Following their example, each and every Fontém purse is handmade to order with YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE imprinted inside. This special feature sets Fontém in a class of its own, enhancing classical Italian style with your heartfelt words and creating a timeless and meaningful product that will be cherished for many years to come.

40th birthday gifts for women

Craftsmanship, Materials

& Sustainability

Craftsmanship & Sustainability

In this world of disposable goods, Fontem’s purses are meaningful, timeless products, that are meant to last. All Fontem handbags are hand-crafted in the USA in our in-house atelier in southern California using the highest quality materials available. 


From the stitching thread through the brass ornaments to the leather — all made in Italy — we know exactly where a material is sourced, how it’s made, and what measures are taken to safeguard the environment while producing it.


All Fontém handbags are handmade from premium Italian leather, imported from certified tanneries only, guaranteeing that the entire production chain is made-in-Italy, that the leather is free of any unsuitable or toxic agents, and that it is produced using the most advanced technologies.

This commitment to sustainability means that Fontém handbags preserve the balance of the natural world as they celebrate the beauty of women everywhere. 

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